If you do happen to be running a ridiculous dual-GPU setup with monster graphics cards like the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, then we recommend picking yourself up an ASUS ROG Thor 1200. You need to power your PC, and these supplies help increase the performance lifespan of your computer. If your lighting fails, you’ll always have a replacement available. But many power supplies don’t have the necessary underlying components to guarantee stable operation. If you aren’t sure what your system’s power draw is, use a wattage calculator or a tool like PCPartPicker to find estimated power requirements. aren’t building an SFF/ITX PC, this is the PSU for you. The best 650W PSU is also our best PSU for gaming. Learn more. In addition to individual power supply reviews, we’ve also written a detailed buying guide at the bottom of the article. This is the first spec to look at when buying a power supply of your own, but it can be tough to pick if you aren’t sure what you need. The silent operating fan is another perk, though it does amp up if high-operation is necessary). Rest assured, though: you’re definitely getting your money’s worth here. Most PSUs are for PCs, but a lot of people forget that the original Xbox One console from 2013 had one as well. It’s fully modular, enjoys an 80+ Platinum efficiency rating, has a 12-year warranty, and operates entirely silently until 40 percent load is reached. The main downside is a disproportionately high price compared to its wattage, and a slightly-shorter-than-Corsair’s-usual-but-still-better-than-most warranty period. However, this still means a lot of excess heat and power consumption compared to other tiers. Additionally, the PSU is fully modular as well. Save up to 50% on all Fire TV Sticks, Echo & more, Better performance than Microsoft's option, Less expensive than getting an official replacement. Non-Modular power supplies have no removable cables, which means that you’ll have a ton of excess cables in your case. In addition to low noise levels, the PSU itself is pretty comparable to our best overall pick, complete with 650W wattage and 80+ Gold certification. The EVGA 650 GQ is our pick for top semi-modular PSU, thanks to its stellar wattage, efficiency, and pricing. Or put another way, if you have a 500W PSU with an 80+ rating, it’d use significantly less than its max power while you’re performing basic tasks. Maybe you prefer your PC bright and colorful. But if you do, you’ll want a monstrous power supply to make sure your 2-4 powerful graphics cards have all the power they need. The better the Efficiency, the less power the system will consume on idle and during regular use. This also makes for a much more difficult initial building process. This SFX unit from FSP is a fantastic option with an attractive shell, excellent modular cabling, and a decent capacity of 500w. The MasterWatt 750 is a low-cost, low-power PSU that's ideal for people who need something for a low-to-mid spec budget gaming PC. If you want to save some cash, have a good building experience, and aren’t building an SFF/ITX PC, this is the PSU for you. At this kind of price, that’s exactly what you need. Not sure what you need? However, it will be perfect to power a rig with low-to-medium specs. Naturally, this holds true if you plan on doing significant upgrades in the future. Our best power supply guide focuses mainly towards the best gaming power supply units, both high-end, mid-range and good affordable PSU’s. Power Supply Units (PSUs) are one of the most critical pieces of hardware that any PC gamer looking to build their rig should consider carefully. It’s an enthusiast’s favorite thanks to its high wattage and efficiency, as well as stellar warranty and modularity. Still, that’s not enough to stop this from being one of the best PC power supplies. There are a ton of benefits here, including a Zero RPM fan mode for quiet operation at low power usage, and an incredible. Overall, this PSU is for people who want to get their hands on a very affordable, low-end power supply that will serve their budget PC well. The only downsides are the high price (the highest on this list, actually), and the persisting cable stiffness problem. Regardless of your needs, we’ve done our best to make sure that you’re covered. As long as that isn’t the case, there’s no reason not to snag this one. 400W – 600W power supplies are suited for most budget and mid-range PC builds. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. 700W – 900W power supplies are most suited for high-end and server PC builds. Thankfully, the 120mm fan is efficient for cooling and runs silently. It's got 1,200W of power and an 80 Plus Platinum efficiency rating, which means that it will have no problem at all keeping even the beefiest PC rig juiced up during intensive use. Corsair’s HX1000 is the best 1000W power supply. It's a little pricey, but considering the high performance, it's still a great deal. That being said, this gaming PC power supply is still good, so you can pocket that if you’re building in a Mid-Tower case or larger. and a genuine love for PC hardware, as well as tech and gaming at large. However, we highly recommend stepping up to Semi-Modular if you’re a new builder, or using a smaller MATX/ITX case in your build, as the Non-Modularity here will make for a tougher build process. The minimum efficiency here is 87%, the peak is 92%, and the average is 89%. 80+ Gold is the sweet spot that most consumers and manufacturers alike target. The PSU is only semi-modular as well, meaning you can only move some of the cables around. Double-check it has enough headroom for your particular GPU on a site like RealHardTech first, but if this falls within your limits, then the CX550 is a fantastic budget power supply to choose. One of the options from this guide is sure to suffice. You'll find him doing reviews, editorials, and general coverage on everything Xbox and PC. ATX is the standard PSU form factor, and all except one of the PSUs listed above are in the ATX form factor. After all, components don’t power themselves and the power supply is what delivers power too all your parts. Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Corsair’s RM750X PSU is ideal for power users who want the best building experience and have a rig with higher-than-average power requirements. as a brand is focused on providing the quietest possible fans and cooling solutions, and their expertise is fairly well-demonstrated here. The Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650w is pricey, but for super-powered PCs that want the utmost stability and plenty of protection for your highly expensive components, you can’t go wrong with the Seasonic Prime Ultra. The 80+ Bronze rating is a moderate step up, providing a minimum of 82% power efficiency. You can also follow PCguide.com on our social channels and interact with the team there. The cable stiffness is barely an issue, but it’s the one area where Corsair doesn’t meet or exceed the standards set by its competitors, which makes us think it’s an intentional handicap of what is ultimately our best modular power supply.