Norman secretly fears that the child will inherit his mental illness, so he sets out to find a definitive closure. Doch es erscheinen ihm Visionen, in denen er die umgebrachten Frauen sieht, von denen er erzählt hat. Anthony Perkins wanted Noel Black, who directed him in Pretty Poison, to direct the film,[1] and he even came up with a pitch for the film along with Psycho III's screenwriter, Charles Edward Pogue. The musical score was composed by Graeme Revell and the title theme music by Bernard Herrmann from the original film was used. Im Film sieht man nur einen Nachbau des legendären Bates Motel in Florida. That was gratifying."[6].

Then, the wooden doors of the house cellar close on the rocking chair that continues to rock; at which point "Mother" screams, even breaking down crying, for Norman to release her before the screen cuts to black and the sound of a baby crying is heard. "He would get into long, drawn-out discussions in front of the crew, testing his director, making sure choices were not made 'because it looks good,' and seeing how deep the understanding of the story and process were. Norman takes his wife to his mother's house and does attempt to kill her, but Connie reminds Norman that it was his own choice to go insane and do the things he did (also expressing that she never murdered anyone) and reassures Norman that their child will not be a monster with their guidance; he realizes the truth to having freedom of choice, and he drops his knife. stated: "This is a good TV movie, way better than its reputation, and continues the tradition of great acting in the series.
The film was written by Joseph Stefano, who also wrote the screenplay of the original film. Die Originalkulisse auf dem Gelände der, Der Spitzname „Ed“, den sich Norman Bates im Film gibt, ist eine Anspielung auf den Massenmörder, Im Rahmen der Wiederveröffentlichung des Films in der.

Psycho IV – The Beginning ist ein US-amerikanischer Psychothriller aus dem Jahr 1990. Es wurde nach dem Tod der Autorin im Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs im Juni 2000 unter der Regie von James Macdonald uraufgeführt. This led to tourists being able to watch the filming of several scenes at the motel and house on the back lot. Psycho IV: The Beginning is a 1990 American made-for-television slasher film directed by Mick Garris, and starring Anthony Perkins, Henry Thomas, Olivia Hussey, and CCH Pounder. Director Mick Garris has stated in numerous interviews that he had some creative control issues with Perkins. Norman happily proclaims, "I'm free," indicating that his mother will never again haunt his mind and drive him insane. Dies lässt den Schluss zu, dass Bates seine dissoziative Identitätsstörung nicht überwunden hat und ihn seine Vergangenheit nochmals einholen wird.