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amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The desktop setting/interface of DSM OS shares relatively high semblance with Apple’s MacOS while QNAP’s QTS OS can be compared to Windows or Android. However, any noise they make on their lowest setting is still lower than the HDD you have installed. And they have released 3.3.x for quite a long time without updating the supported software..which is kinda unexpected. Additionally, although you can dim the LED lights, you cannot fully disable them and given the device is designed to be very discreet, this is an odd facility not to have. Finally, there are far more 3rd-party apps available with the QNAP software, meaning you can install NAS apps officially and unofficially, such as Kodi, Netflix and more with the QNAP homebrew and community QPKG development forums. by ivries » Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:09 pm, Post Additionally, although you can dim the LED lights, you cannot fully disable them and given the device is designed to be very discreet, this is an odd facility not to have. Luckily many NAS server providers know this and two brands have made huge strides to keep using and integrating NAS Into your everyday personal and professional life as user-friendly as possible. ?Upgrade NAS/Upgrade Storage/Expansion Drive? FEATURES – Like the previous unit, the Drobo 5N, this new unit supports a number of popular Mac and Windows-based applications.

amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; , the Drobo Dashboard software has seen a number of improvements since I last played with it on the Drobo 5N and has a number of new apps including surveillance applications and plex. by schumaku » Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:42 pm, Post Options such as expansion cards to add 10GBe ethernet connections (almost all NAS arrive with 1GBe for network transfers) and even now more units that are being released with Thunderbolt 2 connections and m.2 SSD Cache slots.

Today I want to compare the DS918+ 4-Bay NAS from Synology with the Drobo 5N2 and help you figure out which device best suits your NAS server needs. Per interface, Synology’s DSM operating system has an beginner-friendly interface. It has evolved incredibly over the years from a very basic file-level access platform to a fully featured operating system that pretty much enables you to do ANYTHING a PC or Mac Operating system can do.

Help Others! Synology Drive is another useful app while the facial recognition Synology Moments app is equally a great addition. ?Upgrade NAS/Upgrade Storage/Expansion Drive? amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; But unlike the previous fanboy arguments, QNAP and Synology once had very different markets that they wanted to cater for.

NEWS It shares many of the features and functionality of the Synology counterpart, but whereas the Synology DSM software hides all the technical information and restricts actions to a more stable and controlled environment, QNAP and QTS given you the technical information far more readily. Alongside this you have greater direct access options. However, if you are opening more unusual or less mainstream files (such as MP4a, MKV, GIF and RAR) then you will be better off buying a QNAP NAS. packed in a proprietary operating system. Bottom line, if you are a Windows and/or android user, have even the tiniest pinch of IT knowledge and want more for your money, then you will want to go for the QNAP NAS range. This is also coupled with large sized rackmounted NAS servers and high end Business class desktop units like the DS2015xs means that they are no longer so focused on the solo/small group NAS users. Straight away when you compare the specifications (both in terms of hardware and software) of a QNAP NAS versus a Synology, you will immediately notice that you get much better CPU’s and RAM options in the QNAP, as well as it costing less!
amzn_assoc_rows = "1"; Where possible (and where appropriate) please provide as much information about your requirements, as then I can arrange the best answer and solution to your needs. There is no denying that whichever device you choose, you are getting a fantastic and fully-featuring NAS server. VALUE – Definitely a step up from the old Drobo NAS. Lastly, this unit alongside the mSATA SSD bay in the base (where other NAS devices force you to lose an HDD bay for SSD Cache upgrades), the unit also arrives with dual LAN ports on the rear. Definitely, an improvement over it’s older brother and worthy of a look.

So, regardless of whether you buy the, Both units feature the Quad Core CPU and DDR3 memory – so most NAS tasks can be performed with ease. To extend the functionality of the Drobo, 5N2 is compatible with the myDrobo App Platform, allowing for remote access to data, media streaming and cloud backup. Synology arrives with apps such as DS File for general file access, DS Photo for pictures access, DS Video for video playback and more with surveillance, downloading and synchronisation. . by AlexKe » Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:13 pm, Post The DS1621xs+ NAS is Now 10Gbe and the Synology DS1520+ NAS Uncovered. This site is largely a one man operation and any and all questions and contributions are appreciated. These investments in innovation alongside big jumps in application support and the Drobo 5N2 operating system itself means that if you are in a head to head choice between this device and it’s predecessor – You should buy the Drobo 5N2. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Otherwise, both Synology and QNAP NAS provide excellent Plex Media Server NAS platforms, but I would give the tiniest edge to QNAP as not only do they typically have higher hardware specs for transcoding (changing files to an output better suited for the playback device) but also you can watch your Plex Media content via HDMI. Synology NAS storages come with the Diskstation Manager (DSM) operating system while QNAP, on the other hand, is based on an operating system called the QTS OS.

Upgrade NAS/Upgrade Storage/Expansion Drive? However, I think you can largely decide on which best suits your needs based on the parameters below. Once again though, remember, this is a NAS to live in the background of your life, not the foreground! For those that want to build, to change, to upgrade and to expand their Network Attached storage experience – Perhaps for the Synology DS216+II or the QNAP TS-253B NAS. Add question anonymously on Q&A forum. We will not share your email with any third party companies. The desktop setting/interface of DSM OS shares relatively high semblance with Apple’s MacOS while QNAP’s QTS OS can be compared to Windows or Android.

amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "na0107-20"; The front of the chassis uses a unique system of LED lights so you can work out the precise nature of the device and the drives at any given time in a glance. So now let us focus on each unit separately. Sonnet Fusion D400QR5 "Corrupted and unreadable" Help pls? When I tried to add qnap from qget..I got error msg.

by Bob5AD » Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:04 pm, Post You know you need a reliable backup solution for all your photos, movies and music (the stuff you bought and the memories you have created that are priceless) but unlike the older drives you used via USB, Network Attached Storage (NAS) can seem awfully complex, or technically daunting. Choosing the best NAS device isn’t entirely a task you can breeze through, particularly if you are a newbie, coupled with the fact that you wouldn’t want to purchase something you intend to use for years without it serving its purpose.

Though the, Both feature SSD Caching with the installing of an SSD Drive, though only the, With a price difference of only around £50, they are very similar in price and the least expensive (, Both units arrive with several Years manufacturers warranty, Both units are compatible with the very latest 12TB NAS Ironwolf Hard Drives and those of the WD Red NAS Drive range. QNAP covers the traditional RAID levels but does not have an equivalent of SHR. WIth fewer apps available in the app store and most of the technical information hidden a few layers deeper in the software, it is designed for those with less technical knowledge but want a stable platform to work with and a stronger first-party app foundation to work with. However, QNAP units are more efficient with transcoding than Synology counterparts.

This thread is helpful, as I'm looking at setting up a private cloud and Synology and QNAP are options I'm looking at. Many may find this a little intimidating and for many it will be the reason they pay the extra and go for a Synology. It is remarkably similar to digital desktops found on all popular hardware platforms. Probably one of the biggest network and internet-based media server applications used by Synology NAS and QNAP users to date.

When you buy your first network attached storage device, it can be an incredibly daunting task. Synology vs QNAP: Plex Media Player support.