A bit of mid-race domestic therapy, if you will. A full smorgasbord of family supporters and a caravan parked in the yard. She dons her sneakers, pulls on a Ford coat and strolls out into the fading evening light on a husbandless mission, headed for the mountain. Just breathing it in. SHE wheels the black double-pram into the pits, clicks it in park and grabs her iPhone from her jeans pocket. Renee steals a kiss from the contented driver before he ducks out for a briefing, playfully scruffing his three-year-old son Oliver on the way through. here. She courts the sponsors, jams the schedule together, owns the monotony of the financial and tax side of the business, and then dons an apron and gets her Martha Stewart on, baking sugar-free “chocolate’’ cake riddled with beetroot and almond meal. Sorry we couldn't find a match for that, please try again, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, Blame game begins as The Bachelorette’s ratings plummet, ‘He won’t fight me’: Whittaker slams sidestepping champ, Sam Ibrahim ‘inherited revenge hit on dad’, Tax office sues Bulldogs legends for millions, Michael and Kyly Clarke’s Instagram selfie war ignites. Welcome to the Official Site of Mark Winterbottom. She puts the kids to bed. Which is just as well when it comes to Sunday and Mark is busy trying to control a 300kph missile. It’s her only moment to gather the thoughts, steel the emotions, and get her head in the game before the mountain, now at peace, becomes a war zone. But check that time. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Renee Winterbottom. Renee doesn’t need to say anything. If he is nervous he will tell me, if he is uncomfortable with the car he will tell me,’’ she says. Get the latest news from the Supercars Championship and comments and insights from Frosty himself. It’s Wednesday night, on the eve of the race’s first practice sessions, and Renee heads out the door to perform her own Bathurst ritual. Kicking the gravel verge. And it’s only Friday. She steals the odd kiss. But her most important role, so says “Frosty” who can’t hide his pleasure at having “not just a trophy wife’’, is mid race. “I walk the track every year just to appreciate what my husband does here, with some of the other girls. Sizzling. “He can say whatever he wants to me and not have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings or be rude or opinionated. Touching the walls. Nothing out of the ordinary with Mark being on top. Renee steals a kiss from the contented driver before he ducks out for a briefing, playfully scruffing his three-year-old son Oliver on the way through. You can find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out You just can’t understand it unless you walk that hill,’’ she says. Not just two working parents and a pair of boys, but grandparents, aunties, uncles. Join Facebook to connect with Renee Winterbottom and others you may know. Renee finds it difficult to pry her eyes away from the boards. Anywhere. 576 Likes, 15 Comments - Renee Winterbottom (@reneewinterbottom) on Instagram: “Happy Birthday bubba, hope you loved your special cake. Renee Winterbottom is on Facebook. Sunday. I don’t think I moved for the entire race last year,’’ she says, lifting her head to show her 161-lap, massage-required, pose. The leading driver's wife enjoying the sun in the paddock this morning Everyone in here is so focused on the race and they don’t want to know issues, they want to know that you are happy and in the right mindset, but you can tell your wife anything you want: ‘I did a bad job here’, or ‘the pit stop was slow’, you can pretty much unload where the team don’t really want to hear those things.’’.