was developed by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex with the goal of creating structured markup that all search engines can understand. Schema markup was invented for users. Easy to install and start generating structured data in a minute, No technical experience needed!

Schema markup powers rich snippets, which often have higher clickthrough rates than ‘regular’ search results. These are the main advantages of schema markup presented above: 1. That means more traffic to your site.

As explained above, schema markup is structured data that is applied to a web site content’s HTML to define exactly what it is and how it should be categorized and viewed on SERPs.

Schema markup, found at, is a form of microdata.Once added to a webpage, schema markup creates an enhanced description (commonly known as … vocabulary can be used with many different encodings, including RDFa, Microdata and JSON-LD. It helps search engines mark the important information of your content 2. It can enhance the search engines’ process of crawling and indexing your site’s pages, and directly presenting them in the search engine result pages. Some people have taken to calling schema markup “your virtual business card.” This is a user-focused improvement.

Over 10 million sites use to markup their web pages and email messages. However, the primary function of the markup is to help search engines better understand your content. Schema markup is microdata that you can use to help search engines parse and understand your website's information more effectively. When a website has schema markup in place, users can see in the SERPs what a website is all about, where they are, what they do, how much stuff costs, plus plenty of other stuff.

Schema Markup Tester and validator, Free and easy to use, Test JSON-LD, test a single or two URLs for comparison. What Is Structured Data. Schema markup, as it’s used today on the web, enables robots that crawl your website to more easily understand the content on the page in a language that makes sense to them.
Structured data (or linked data) is a way of organizing information for …

It can preview the visual elemen… These vocabularies cover entities, relationships between entities and actions, and can easily be extended through a well-documented extension model.
now offers statistics and data for commonly used schemas Schema does this by giving a structured way for robots/crawlers to define the types of …

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