( Log Out /  Are you working as a shill to the Kroenke Empire? So, if you're heading towards the Highbury direction this season, or planning to take in an away trip, you can brush up on your knowledge with the list below. Change ). Remember the ludicrous prices paid for English players the last time we had work permits for Europeans, let alone S Americans? Your article covered that well and hopefully all the moaners will stop in a couple of days. There are people going through a lot worse than me. It later became popular when performed by the Andrews Sisters in the 1949 John Wayne film She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. People have to separate the playing and non playing parts of the club in their head. .I`ve never been called a lefty before. Since the opening of the new stadium, and with it the Armoury, the shop at Finsbury Park would have seen sales drop. It is very easy for them to say “just spend the money”. Brexit will not stop us signing non british players, as we already do sign non EU players…. Nathan Brittles (John Wayne) was quartered in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, is located at Goulding's Trading Post near Monument Valley. Missing out on Aouar is a real blow,why the f*** doesn’t Kronke support Afc ? Since the opening of the new stadium, and with it the Armoury, the shop at Finsbury Park would have seen sales drop. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. and worked before we entered the EU. But I guess if not going down the football today is the worst thing that is going to happen to me this week, then life really is not too bad. They've cultivated an impressive array of tunes, many of which will be heard reverberating around the Emirates Stadium on matchday, and Goal has compiled some of the best. ( Log Out /  With no football, you do not need as much retail staff. But it’s great to read a level-headed response to this week’s news. ( Log Out /  There are much worse things in the world to worry about than transfers and who is or isn’t playing. They are almost like two separate businesses. Players actually do not have to jump through hoops as you put it pmsl !! A few weeks ago Arsenal closed the club shop at Finsbury Park. Your kind are not wanted over The Arsenal – chances are you live in Spain, Nigeria or America anyway so will never go. After a summer of being heavy linked with Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar, Arsenal eventually signed one of them. We have executive sales staff whose job it is to try and sell the boxes and premium seats to companies. The only people to blame for these type of redundancies are weak and feeble minded governments around the world who have closed down huge sections of the economy and imposed lockdown on their population because there is a flu like bug doing the rounds. That BBC item is 2 years old and part of the on-going scare mongering certain parts of the media has promoted. agree with you and the article !! Whether it's celebrating past glories and heralding their best players, Gunners supporters can always be found in full voice belting out chants at matches across England and further afield. Clubs will have a team in place for such needs as sorting out the work permits etc and did know this already happens for players outside the EU. and best you get educated in what you say !! Without know this answer, we don’t know whether perhaps Arsenal’s scouting department under Arsene Wenger and Steve Rowley has become over bloated? Too many scouts on the official payroll not producing enough quality players? meanign he can work in the country and not have to re admit documentation to increase his stay and right to work… How do i know this? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Earlier in July, Arsenal were linked heavily with Brazilian winger Bernard. Arsenal are one of the biggest and most successful clubs in English football, so it is no surprise that their fans have had plenty to sing about over the years. Ultimately if you spread toxic negativity and abuse people online daily; it is your mental health that will suffer. Ask yourself whether you think the club should “keep people employed even though they no longer have a job role?”. Whether I had won in the ballot or not, I’d been down the Holloway Road, meeting me mates, having a few beers.