Social work intervention is the practice of working in a variety of ways with individuals and families in need to help them become more independent. In a clinical setting, the Intervention Plan may be called a Treatment Plan. Conflict Theory. Strength-Based Intervention Plan # of pages double-spaced Points 2-4 1 point 5+ 2 points Strength-based Intervention Plans can be used in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Social work as a profession originated from women’s social service work with marginalized populations, the settlement house movement, and other forms of reciprocal community benefit programs. ... Social workers engage with individuals, families, and communities, working alongside people to determine their needs and wishes, and what action may be helpful. Intervention Plans have been used in most human service programs for decades. Social worker 7 - Skills and interventions . Assisting them in getting the health care, counseling, financial help, job training and parenting instruction needed to function productively is all potentially part of the intervention. Conflict theory holds that all societies are inherently unequal, and that power … We build productive working relationships and communicate effectively. Being a social worker has its challengings and one big one can be proving intervention effectiveness.