I totally love this phone, I put a SanDisk 500gb micro sd card in it and it works great, the 1tb would also probly work, when the price comes down I will get one to try. I got an opened box Galaxy S20 a few weeks ago and noticed that it had Reviews

Sonim XP8's size. (XP-9?? ) Then, you might need to try a factory reset. Sonim XP8, serving, protecting and providing for others demands a smart device you can rely on. Sonim XP8 (XP8800) specifications Brand Sonim Name XP8 Type XP8800 Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Rated 3 / 5 based on 355 user votes. 6836 Bee Cave Road, Building 1, Suite 279; Austin, TX 78746 - USA; Tel: + 1.650.378.8100; Fax: +1.650.378.8109; feedback@sonimtech.com What can I do to reset the pin on it?if you know the google password you can log into the phone using that Sometimes it could be due to the memory card also. Serving, protecting and providing for others demands a smart device you can rely on. Ensure there's not any lint, dust, or debris in the charging port. Glossary There is nothing or little you can do when your Sonim XP8 becomes unresponsive due to error which shows a notice that "Unfortunately, YouTube has stopped working" which rarely occurs in Sonim devices. Overall I can say the AT&T XP8 is a great phone, that is totally worth the price!!!! If they can fix the bugs and improve on it They give a reason for people to buy the product. May I ask how the phone was purchased (online, in store, or over the phone)? Anonymous, 23 Jan 2020Had reboot problems with my XP8 Sprint. I forgot my password Sign up. Going back to my Kyocera. I have had it several months and no issues with it. #3 – Wi-Fi connection issue and fixing on Sonim XP8. But in this spring 2020 the Xcover Pro came out and its similar in a lot of ways. Update is pushed silently when there is a data connection. I would also more like updates with android over the life of the phone. CanadianCarson, 29 Feb 2020I've owned both XP7 & 8 and have had nothing but a great experience. Due to the Sonim glove touch feature the touch to select option has been disabled for notifications on a locked screen.

Pandora plays through speakers fine. Sonim XP8, serving, protecting and providing for others demands a smart device you can rely on. Bought this to replace Note 5 as I tend to drop things(case in point dropped the note 5 the day i got it flat on its screen on Walmart's floor. I sold them and got the AT&T version, It works 100% and Verizon was the only carrier that would work where I live, but now this AT&T XP8 always has four or five bars. Please try Searching the Community, we have many questions already answered, you can also check out the Knowledge base If you need immediate assistance after hours please visit Sprint Chat. This may happen randomly under certain network conditions.When in this state, the XP8 may temporarily stabilize itself after several reboots. The Sonim XP8 is built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need, regardless of situation or environment.

I think most owners would write a review if they had an issue and then Sonim came through on solving it. Sonim XP8, serving, protecting and providing for others demands a smart device you can rely on. He does not want it. Check your XP8 power section to make sure it wasn't set to power saving mode. Check to see if your XP8 storage filled. GSMArena.com: Sonim XP8 user opinions and reviews. Part of the the reason I did not buy it was camera sucked, some software issues that did not appear to be having company support. First time owner of a Sonim phone. I end up calling a lot of clients back.

Worst phone I have ever owned, Can’t use pinch to zoom in or out. Smart for work because it’s built to last. First time owner of a Sonim phone. The Sonim XP8 is designed for military users or emergency workers, and plenty of the feature-set is dedicated to those sorts of demanding use cases. This may happen randomly under certain network conditions. Recent Sonim Cell Phone questions, problems & answers. The phone runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system (OS). The phone is rated to MIL-STD-810G standards for things like dust, shock, rain, and temperature. The Sonim XP8 is 3.1 inches (79.5 mm) wide, 6.0 inches (152 mm) tall, and 0.7 inches (18 mm) thick. Instantly connect and share private information on the nation’s only dedicated public safety network with FirstNet and B14 capabilities. He doesn't like it. A... moreYes, I had the latest Kyocera model for over 2 years. SonimXp8.com is part of Capestone. #8 – Battery drains fast and charge slowing and fixing on Sonim XP8. Transfer your mobile number to another person, Turn on Airplane mode by pressing the power key until the power off menu is displayed. We do have a 14 satisfaction guaranty, and the phone can be returned to the place of purchase. Went to run Pandora through the Klein 3.5mm jack adapter. My husband just got a Sonim XP8. Get quick fixes for common device problems, such as: Sign in for a simpler, more accurate assessment. All in all, the XP8 is the best, most durable phone with many features, Brian, 04 Jun 2020How were you able to upgrade out of the Android 7.x.x.x? Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've had the Xp8 with Telus for several months. You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 12+ megapixel camera. Make sure there are no compatibility issues related to the frequency. Clear app data and or cache and see if the problem is fixed. If the problem still persists, hand your XP8 over to a technician for a proper check. Battery life is excellent but I can't let it charge while using it or the battery heats up to the point where it because uncomfortable to hold Examples: • Mark Read/Reply can not be selected for an incoming SMS on a locked screen • Archive/Reply can not be selected for an incoming email. Fewer Scam & Robocalls on the T-Mobile Network. 12+ MP. If not, update them immediately. I ended up getting it because I have brok... moreTry the Samsung Xcover Pro, I was thinking of buying the XP8 because of toughness, and battery changing.

It will be interesting to see next generation of tough /battery removable phones coming from Samsung, Sonim or even perhaps Google?