There will also be a list of synonyms for your answer. Girls peed in their pants, fainted, or simply collapsed from the emotional strain.[46]. But I want to argue explicitly for the value of spectator sports and suggest, in fact, that there is a transcendent dimension to spectator sports that helps explain, Loizidou added that this data gathering 'by no means substitutes the identity card for, From "kinda a fan" to "super fan" the Wisconsin, [USPRwire, Wed Apr 09 2014] Susan Ratliff Presents announced today that they have retained Black Dog Promotions ( ) as the publicity and media relations agency for the Arizona, he hasn't lost his milk teeth yet but he already has the miscellany mindset of the male. It also contributes to a greater sense of belonging because of the mental effort invested in the subject. There are several groups of fans that can be differentiated by the intensity level of their level of involvement or interest in the hobby (level of fanaticism)[5] The likelihood for a subject of interest to be elevated to the level of fandom appears to be dictated by its complexity. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus. In North America, extremely enthusiastic fans are often called "superfans": fans who dress up in outrageous and ostentatious costumes or outfits showing their devotion. A crude-oil slick quickly spreads out over the water. Ed. Last month, this month and the next two are great for practising Latin numerals, as you do: septem, octo, novem, decem (7, 8, 9, 10). One word as to the alleged "intolerance of the fanatic Orangemen of Belfast.". Gosling, Victoria K. "Girls Allowed? Multiculturalism in contemporary Ireland. [citation needed], Such defensiveness is particularly prominent against women who are interested in their chosen fandoms or who pose a "threat" to their community. [8], Popular musicals have their own particular sets of fans. rooter [the ~] noun. That's why I call them my Heartbeats, because without them I wouldn't be here". The loyalties of sports fans have been studied by psychologists and have often been reviewed. In fact, the term "fangirling" is used to describe anyone who obsessively follows a certain fandom to the point where it interferes with their daily lives. The word has been described as a portmanteau of "stalker" and "fan". Ehrenreich, Barbara, Elizabeth Hess, and Gloria Jacobs. [31], Celebrities have positively reacted to their "stan" followings. sports fan [the ~] noun. For example, in 2012, male gamers created a Flash game in which players could physically assault Anita Sarkeesian, a woman who launched a Kickstarter to create a series of documentaries on women tropes in video games. The degree of devotion to celebrities can range from a simple crush to the deluded belief that they have a special relationship with the star which does not exist. It has nurtured writers and artists such as Ray Bradbury, Roger Ebert, Lenny Kaye, Michael Moorcock and Trina Robbins; and has generated such spin-offs as comic book fandom, media fandom, the Society for Creative Anachronism, gaming fandom, and furry fandom, sometimes collectively referred to as "fringe fandoms". Der deutsche Wortschatz von 1600 bis heute. "[49] Quite the opposite of the 'real man' previously described by Katz. Music fans can differ somewhat from fans of particular musicians, in that they may focus on a genre of music. Sports fan definition: a person who is enthusiastic about sports | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The greatest variables of the reaction of a sports fan in their own home are the intensity of the fan's desire to see their team win or perform well, and the presence of another: often a wife, children, or friends who may be significantly less ardent sports fans or not sports fans at all, which may significantly temper the fan's reaction to a highly positive or negative moment due to the fear of causing a scene or scaring those close to the fan, or alienating themselves from said others. We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing. [26], Colloquially, the term can be used as both a noun or a verb. [35] According to Williams, "Many [men] want to be overtly sexist and racist. Find more ways to say sports fan, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. [47][50][51] A popular example of such treatment in mainstream media is shown on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, where, multiple times throughout the show's run, the four main characters, portrayed as 'nerdy fanboys', are humiliated by larger 'real men'. Seit dem 19. We're working closely with our server provider and will try to get things back to normal as soon as possible. These fans often congregate hours before kickoff in what is known as a tailgation or tailgating. [32] In 2012, after Jessie J broke her own leg, a stan broke her own leg to emulate the injury. Fritz, besides, had all the stern enthusiasm of a fanatic in the cause. Such a trend of 'authentic' versus 'inauthentic' fan is common within fan communities, and is particularly pertinent to gender discrimination and misogynistic ideals. They may show their enthusiasm in a variety of ways, such as by promoting the object of their interest, being members of a related fan club, holding or participating in fan conventions or writing fan mail. sports fan: sports fan [the ~] noun. He did more to rouse the crowd than anybody else. It is not merely that I, the fanatic, have had to grope without humour. [37] Due to this, women are rarely given space or voice within the intellectual realm of music. ... besonders für Sport und Jazz. But 'groupie' is also used more or less synonymously with 'girl Rock fan', 'female journalist', and 'woman Rock musician'; it's used to mean anyone working in the music field who isn't actually a Rock musician; it's used as an all-purpose insult and a slut on one's professionalism; it's used as a cute term for 'hero worship'; and it's used interchangeably with 'fan'. The fan tracked down Jessie J's personal address and sent her a photograph of the self-inflicted injury. At home, sports fans may have few fellow fans but also more freedom. There are some words that seem to be of perennial interest, so if you compare the list of words that were looked up most often in March with the words that were looked up most often in September, you will find a lot of words appearing on both lists. Collectively, the fans of a particular object or person constitute its fanbase or fandom. Fans often have a "wish to acquire" material objects related to the area of interest, such as a baseball hit by a famous slugger or a used guitar pick from their musical hero. She fanned herself with a piece of cardboard. The term nerd, defined as "[an] insignificant, foolish, or socially inept person; a person who is boringly conventional or studious; a person who pursues an unfashionable or highly technical interest with obsessive or exclusive dedication,"[55] as well as the term geek, defined as "[a] person […] who is regarded as foolish, offensive, worthless; an overly diligent, unsociable student; any unsociable person obsessively devoted to a particular pursuit,"[56] are often used to describe stereotypical fanboys. It is becoming common for this type of bonding to take place over sports-related social networks. What are synonyms for sports fan? Hello! "Essays from Bitch: The Women's Rock Newsletter with Bite." [42] The recent events known as GamerGate provide a good example of such attacks, whereby multiple women working within the gaming industry were victims of sexual harassment and violent threats, some even forced to leave their homes for fear of a physical confrontation.[43][44][45].