Matt Bradford 406 views. I use a lot of drive pedals, which the Iconoclast takes well, but I read so does the Iridium. 2:09. Posted by 2 months ago. Strymon Iridium vs Neunaber Iconoclast. 3. The Neuron is the result of a painstaking study of what makes real amplifiers and gain pedals sound good. Strymon Iridium vs Neunaber Iconoclast. Neunaber Neuron vs Strymon Iridium Same IR NO TALKING - Duration: 2:09. Strymon Iridium – Round Amplifier Examples – Demo - Duration: 7:31. It can dial in a variety of amp-like sounds ranging from chimey cleans to the dirtiest dirt. It is essentially a preamp that includes a number of additional features like a speaker simulator, noise gate, compressor, presets, and MIDI functionality – all in one standard pedal size. I've been a happy owner of Neunaber Iconoclast, primarily using it on headphones, and wonder if Strymon Iridium would be an upgrade. Close.