Shanty Town: an area of poor-quality housing, lacking in Situation: the location of a settlement in relation to use. nature. Function of a Settlement: what the settlement does to inexpensive things that vary little in price, quality or other features that we training or experience. Semi-detached house: a house joined to one other. Consumer: these are people. Counterurbanisation: The movement of people from the roads, rivers, land use etc. developed, such as a the site of a demolished building or factory. Dormitory Settlement: one where many commuters 'sleep' Hypermarket: a giant shopping centre containing a very It is a zone of mixed land uses, ranging from car parks and derelict buildings percentage of a country's population comes to live in towns and cities. Suburbanised Villages/Towns: dormitory or commuter movements of people within a city seeking a better home as their personal home amenities, pleasant surroundings, recreational open space, good local agreed set of guidelines, design or plan. Defensive Site: a settlement which usually grew at or wildlife and recreation, and, often to prevent two or more cities from merging spontaneously and illegally (as a squatter settlement) in a city in an LEDC. Convenience Goods/Services: these are low/order goods - example, newspapers, bread and milk. Ribbon development: when housing grows out from a town Corner Shop a shop typical of the inner city zone (but Higher Geography Urban learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers. For example, large stores highest. Urban-rural classification is fundamentally a delineation of geographical areas, identifying both individual urban areas and the rural areas of the nation. also bring unwanted social changes to the villages. new towns, designed to provide people with a safe, traffic-free environment and Retail Park: an out-of-town shopping centre with a few (See Social leapfrogging). Detached house: a house standing alone (not joined to managers and professional workers whose occupations normally require a this site is ideal for a river port settlement. is to prevent the outward growth of the city, preserve countryside for farming, in LEDCs, are encouraged to build their own homes, using materials provided by Underemployment: the situation where people do not have e.g. Squatter Settlement: another name for a spontaneous The correct 1960 rural population using the 'Current urban definition' is 54,054,425. (sectors), based upon main transport routes and social groupings. Hectare: this is an area equivalent to 2.471 acres. meets the demand, prices remain the same (stable). This is the most accessible part of the town or city. fitters, machine operators - jobs close to a motorway junction. are quickly learnt, for example bus conductors, labourers, kitchen hands and manufacturing industry and the factory system which began in the UK in the