"I realised then he was not a normal politician. "We did not meet in front of all his hitmen like in those awful television series.". "When someone does a horrible thing like that to another person, sooner or later they will do it to you. Via Wikipedia. Vallejo thinks this was why she was first invited to meet him, since she was engaged to the president's nephew, a man who might have had political influence. "He was married and I was a celebrity," says Vallejo. But, Stephanie Sigman’s strong performance of Valeria Velez just makes audiences want to know more about the real Virginia Vallejo. Instead he sent his assistant who relayed the funeral to Escobar via radio. In Escobar’s last minutes El Limon was the only person by his side protecting him. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Carlos Enrique Lehder Rivas was born in Colombia, but currently resides in US Prison for his work in the Colombian Medellin drug cartel that ruled the world in the 1980’s. "One month later and I was with the King of Cocaine.". She died in 2006 at the age of 89 in the town of Medellin where her son also passed away. Click to back to. 3. We Finally Understand How Oprah Winfrey Spends Her Billions, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Family Including Details of His Late Wife and Kids. Barry Seal unknown story of smuggling king! “I now feel immense sadness and shame for the enormous pain my husband caused, even as I mourn the agonising consequences his actions have had for my children and me,” she says. Roberto is one of the few members of the Medellin cartel living outside of prison, probably because he’s been far removed from the violence of the ordeal. Reasons why couples break up in the first year according to experts! Being from a noble home, Virginia Vallejo had her kindergarten classes with Elvira Lleras Restrepo who was the sister to Carlos Lleras Restrepo; the president of Colombia in 1970. Everyone in my country smoked contraband Marlboro and it felt like selling contraband cigarettes. While the fictional portrayals unfold, viewers become more curious about the real people who lived the story. After being unfaithful to one of the top leaders of the Cali cartel, the courtship was completely truncated in 1987... Click on NEXT page to find out why the last woman was with him! For example, there is a real woman behind the character Valeria Velez: Virginia Vallejo. However, it seems like the couple like was not as simple as... Pablo ESCOBAR’s submarine has been discovered on the coasts of Colombia. She spent her childhood in Bogota where her three siblings where born; Felipe(1951), Antonio (1955) and Sofia (1957), however, Antonio passed on in 2012. The girl liked the forbidden love, so for five years, from 1982 to 1987, she maintained a furtive romance with Pablo Escobar. Victoria eventually fled to Argentina and changed her surname to Marroquin. The cousin and right hand man of Pablo Escobar, Gaviria also served as the financial head of the uber prosperous Medellin cartel. But after a year together, their relationship started to corrode when Escobar confessed to a chilling reprisal on a previous girlfriend who became pregnant by another man. Escobar saved Vallejo from drowning when she was sucked into a whirlpool while swimming during that first encounter at Hacienda Napoles, but she did not fall for him until carrying out his first television interview. The Untold Truth Of Phil Hartman, How He Died And Who Killed Him. He told Vallejo he sent "four boys" to seize the woman, who was then dragged to a vet for a forced abortion performed without anaesthetic. 'My portrayal in … She was just 15 years old and he 27 when they married. Almost as soon as they tied the knot, Pablo started to spend long periods away from home on "business" – although Victoria claims she had no idea what his work entailed. She has had two marriages; her first was with Fernando Francisco nevertheless they divorced in 1971. Before becoming narcos the Ochoa Vasquez clan was mainly in the business of cattle ranching and restaurants. For other inquiries, Contact Us. They were taken to a huge hacienda, then driven for hours in dune buggies through grasslands stuffed with imported animals such as elephants and giraffes, reports Daily Mail. Then he broke into her flat and stole tapes of their interviews, $30,000 savings from her safe, a handwritten draft of a novel and the Beretta. VICTORIA Eugenia Henoa was just 15 when she shook with nerves at the altar of a tiny Colombian church, dressed in green polyester trousers and an orange jumper, and whispered her wedding vows. The latter warned him that something was not quite right in that relationship, and really, in the end, the time gave him all the right. Jorge was one of two brothers that were crucial in founding the Medellin cartel. They became lovers although their relationship ended in 1987 because jealous Escobar felt she cheated on him. "He was worried about going to a US jail and never coming out. At the same time he was having affairs with three Colombian beauty queens, a volleyball player from Caldas and Wendy Chavarriaga Gil. Popeye was welcomed to the inner circle of Pablo Escobar and eventually was promoted to lieutenant commanding several other ex-sicarios. Everything you need to know about MAY born WOMEN! The Medellin Cartel operated out of Colombia in the late ‘70s and flourished throughout the ‘80s. Gaviria stacked up a fortune that is comparable to the other Medellin cartel founders but he kept a low profile in hopes of preserving his lavish lifestyle for future generations. The couple was seen in a myriad of public places, such as movies and bullfights, and that denotes that at least there was some love. Juan David was the oldest of the three Ochoa Vasquez brothers. The gangster plea bargained and was released from jail only 5 years later in 1996. This dangerous man was the leader in executions for the Medellin cartel and referred to by at least one DEA agent as “the Al Capone of the drug-murder circuit”. In addition to her work as a journalist, Vallejo was also a socialite. The affair with Wendy finally ended when she fell pregnant and he forced her to to have an abortion. She wound up being shunned by her former elite friends and blacklisted from high social circles. Copyright 2020 © Dazzling.news. "I remembered how our relationship began with two innocent people who loved each other before his industry became a bloodbath and damaged all those addicts. Here Are Facts, Kamala Harris Family – What To Know About Her Children, Husband And Parents, A Look at Kyle Kuzma’s Ethnicity, Parents and how Tall He’s Become. "He was a monster but he's been turned into a legend.". 15 Reasons why Scorpio is simply the best! The 33-year old socialite, journalist, and TV personality had starred in a series of ads for Medias Di Lido pantyhose, which captivated the nation and brought her to the attention of someone who would soon outrank her in terms of celebrity: Pablo Escobar. Please confirm your age by Facebook, Sorry, we can't verify that you are at least 13 years old - you can't view this page. Returning from a trip to Europe where she was wooed by the chief of the rival Cali drugs cartel, Vallejo found death threats on her answering machine. Aside from creating drug trafficking pipelines, he also owned a string of ranches with Mexican-inspired names. Here you will meet all the women that were in his life!Click on NEXT page to find out about Pablo Escobar! Psychological studies affirm that love lasts only 5 years, so it is recommended to change partners after the last year! She further became the vice president of the association of Colombia announcers in 1978 and received an award for being the Best television Anchor for the Association of Entertainment Journalist for three consecutive years. But her contempt for Escobar grew as the body count mounted. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Rodriguez Gacha met up with the Ochoa family in Medellin and soon the Medellin cartel was born. His partners ratted him out and he was finally arrested in 1994. Escobar famously called the young boy just before his death by police crossfire in 1993. Certainly there seems an insatiable appetite for books, documentaries and dramas about the man she described to me as "an ugly, fatty peasant" but who became the world's most wanted criminal after cornering the global cocaine market.