Briggs followed Klitschko on jet-skis and into restaurants screaming 'let's go champ', but now accepts their paths will never cross. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. We would like your feedback, please fill in our survey. As seriously as Briggs takes his return to boxing, you sense he values the responsibility to share his own difficulties. I was able to battle back through depression. No, sir. So is it a grudge match against the Klitschkos that Briggs is seeking? Please, Your Honour.". PEDs remain a dirty secret in sports but Briggs insists that boxing's problem is no worse than "golf or archery", despite the recent drug test failures of heavyweight duo Alexander Povetkin and Luis Ortiz. Briggs guns it off in staccato, Turrets-like bursts, both slightly annoying and oddly catchy at the same time. After all, you’ve got to draw to get big fights. Of Klitschko, he said: "The guy was a great, a living legend. Ostensibly, to insert himself as the next opponent to Klitschko. No HBO. Also the mark of calculated, if not ingenious, operator building a distinctive personal brand. No Showtime. I used unconventional ways, which came back to haunt me, but I needed to feel better," Briggs told Sky Sports. After taking a severe beating in a 2010 title shot with the other Klitschko brother, Vitaly, Briggs returned to boxing in 2014 and is very active. Shannon Briggs is a boxer from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Briggs’ mission? McKinnie was away from the action. Briggs refers to himself as “The People’s Champ,” and the fight the people want to see. No, Scotland Yard! I feel good about my future. I don't think fighters who test positive should be banned for life.". Shannon Briggs was born in 1970s. In addition to advancing medical cannabis, Briggs is also determined to tackle the opioid crisis, which claimed nearly 60,000 lives in 2016. Briggs last fought in May 2016 on David Haye's undercard, Highlights of Lennox Lewis v Shannon Briggs, Briggs crashed a Klitschko press conference, 'Wow!' Briggs guns it off in staccato, Turrets-like bursts, both slightly annoying and oddly catchy at the same time. So what is it with Briggs’ incessant presence on social media, and that tagline? Now aged 45, Briggs' longevity is best summed up by the fact he was beaten by Lennox Lewis in 1998. "As far as his depression, I've got love for him," Briggs said. “Let’s Go Champ, Let’s Go Champ.” It’s Shannon Briggs’ trademark tagline, peppered throughout the myriad videos he produces for social media. Watch Anthony Joshua vs Carlos Takam, from the Principality Stadium, Cardiff, on October 28, live on Sky Sports Box Office. Briggs has been out of action for the best part of two years now, but he has his eyes set on a comeback, with a boxing goal and, amazingly, a cannabis goal. "I'm happy this news came out, champ, because there are a lot of people suffering. Book Joshua vs Takam and the packed undercard right here... Briggs empathises with Tyson Fury whose own boxing exile is due to an ongoing UK Anti-Doping investigation and mental health issues. He was, however, mistaken. Especially likely given the civil judgement he allegedly lost some pretty substantial coin on a few years back. 5 Must-Have Items for a Winter Themed Wedding, The 3 Keys to Waking Up Refreshed Every Morning, How to Wear Skull Rings with Every Outfit. The first … Less the work of a madman, more the work of an ad man? The self-styled champ, as he nears his return from a drug ban, is just happy to be alive and swinging. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). He would have done great against any heavyweight over history.". Why sleeping with a partner can make you healthier? Could be. I feel good about my future. Mentioning his heavyweight rivals causes Briggs to return to his entertaining persona, the internet sensation who pestered Wladimir Klitschko then David Haye. Shannon Briggs is actually a lot more knowledgable than his constant signature catchphrase would make you believe. He’s in grocery stores, he’s on the beach, he’s in Times Square. Alternate Treatments For Cancer: Do They Really Work? Is Fashion Communication Better Than Textile Designing? Heavyweight boxer Shannon Briggs wants to tag team with Mike Tyson in a wacky match Credit: Getty Images - Getty That's the wacky idea floated by Briggs in an Instagram live video recently. Shannon Briggs was destined for boxing greatness, with a record of 60 wins and just six defeats – that was until he posted a positive drugs tests for having eight-times the legal limit of testosterone for his size and 46 years.