To get such values, you can use a tool like, This means that instead of, the blog posts live in the URL. Link data collected by Ahrefs is used for a variety of purposes and for digital marketers to plan, execute, and monitor online marketing campaigns. It provides a difficultly score to help you understand if it will be challenging to rank for a certain keyword. Once you install it on your browser, you’ll see that the option on the extension page will change to “Remove from Chrome.”.

For example, you can see that the top keyword for our. Once you do that, you can click “Show link opportunities”. For example, at MINUTTIA, we have a list of 116 modifiers that are often found in queries with informational search intent. All you have to do is send us the address of your website and within 48 hours we will contact you to discuss the recommended actions and the quote of SEO services for you. To begin with, let’s assume we want to monitor all new backlinks to our Google Search Console guide.

Let me share an example with you. We constantly improve all our algorithms to provide our customers with freshest and most actual backlinks data.Apart from that, we try to follow all new tendencies in the world of SEM and SEO and make sure these tendencies find their reflection in new features of Ahrefs. To do that, you first need to click again on the gear icon and then click on “Metrics.”. AhrefsBot is a web crawler that powers a link database for Ahrefs online marketing toolset.

Clicking on any of these results will open a new window with charts and useful performance metrics for that particular page. 11 Influential E-commerce Statistics, Trends & Facts. The tool’s purpose is linking profile analysis. In the top right corner, you can configure a new crawl or see the current settings for your crawl. Note that you need to use the complete canonical version of the homepage for each of your target websites. In other words, it seems that Ahrefs takes both PageRank and Cheirank (reverse PageRank) into account when calculating the DR. To put that into perspective, let’s use a simple example. You’ll also see your average position in the search results and the average amount of traffic you drive to your site. – Keywords Explorer. The Ahrefs API helps users bring data from Ahrefs to other tools they’re using. You can verify ownership of a website through any of the following methods: Verifying the ownership of a website allows you to access advanced crawl settings such as a higher number of parallel requests when crawling a website. Auto-detected sitemaps—the XML sitemaps that the crawler finds will be used as a source of URLs for your crawl. Here, we have a metric that’s connected to that. Now, returning to Ahrefs, we can see that Visme’s Traffic Value is $1.1M. Next, you need to insert the domain or page that you want to audit and select the Mode of that search using one of the following four options: As an example, we’re going to use and want to see the performance only of the domain without its subdomains. Editor’s Notice: We haven’t talked about the “Tools” that you can find in the main view for a website crawl (crawl anatomy). It can give you an idea of how your traffic is translated into commercial value; nothing more, nothing less. Next, you can set up the crawl setting for your Site Audits. Rank Tracker monitors your Google ranking on desktop and mobile. Keep in mind that your business competitors won’t always be displayed (or considered as) competing domains, as there may not be a keyword intersection between the two websites. If you use this research tool, you’ll be able to explore profitable keywords for your business. This is a number that can easily be misunderstood, so let’s use Ahrefs’ definition here to make it clearer: “Organic traffic value is the equivalent monthly cost of traffic from all keywords that the target website/URL ranks for if paid via PPC instead of ranking organically.”. Here’s what the Content Explorer returns for this particular term. Ahrefs Alerts allows you to set up three different types of alerts: To create a new Alert for any of these three types, simply click on “New Alert.”.

This is why we’ve created a guide that covers every aspect of Ahrefs from a beginner user’s perspective. Clicking “Update” will result in spending one SERP update credit. Then, you can filter results based on the first published date.

Besides getting the number of organic keywords on a website level, you can also get them on a page level. This tool includes interactive charts that track your pages in the SERPs. Of course, if you’re running paid search ads, this is something you can view directly in your Google Analytics account. Here’s what you see when choosing one of the crawls that exist on Site Audit. With its help, you can gather all vital information about backlinks and, at the same time, measure the website parameters and the quality of links. Finally, this report shows you the pages on your website (in descending order) that receive the most paid search traffic. I am here at the Mortgage…, Canadian Mortgage Podcast – Interview with Peter Kinch, Canadian Mortgage Podcast – Interview with Len Lane. This report shows you the top pages on your website based on their monthly organic search traffic, as calculated by Ahrefs. For example, you can see in the above screenshot that we’ve chosen to bring only the number of backlinks from Ahrefs for the website crawl that we’ve done. Your email address will not be published. Whether you are analyzing your own list of keywords or looking at … Batch Analysis in Ahrefs helps you “generate multiple backlink reports by entering a list of domain URLs.” This is particularly useful for content audits or any other activity that requires you to generate backlink (and other) data in bulk for several URLs. This report shows you the pages that rank in the top 10 results for the same keywords as your own pages. This report allows you to compare your website (or certain parts or pages on your website) to other relevant websites or pages. It’s easy to set up, too. Georgios Chasiotis is the Managing Director of MINUTTIA, a Content & SEO agency that helps SaaS and tech companies drive organic growth. Brought to you by Ahrefs, a data-driven marketing toolset powered by a huge index of backlinks, keywords and content Enjoyed the Read? The Domain Rating, or DR, is one of the most popular metrics not just for Ahrefs, but for the SEO industry as a whole. Put simply, this means you can find who links back to your competitors but doesn’t link back to you. Then we have “KD”, which allows us to see keyword movements only for keywords with a certain Keyword Difficulty (e.g. This report shows you all the domains that your website links back to. Author’s Note: The User agent allows you to choose between different agents and thus crawl either the desktop or the mobile version of your website. First, you can choose what pages you want Content Explorer to show you—you can choose between pages that were published just once and pages that were republished. Most businesses earn backlinks through content creation. For example, Visme’s Organic Traffic is 1.1M.