Gates open at 8.00am. Oran Park Raceway has hosted a round of the Australian Touring Car Championship every year since 1971. Perich became an overnight multimillionaire after his vast pastoral land holdings south-west of Sydney were rezoned for housing. I saw Jackie Stewart racing his BRM at Warwick Farm. OP Grand Prix circuit is by far the most interesting in NSW, its one of the old style tracks that just go up and down as the land did....very challenging in places. British firm Apex Circuit Design, drew up plans for an extended and revised course featuring four layouts, two of which could be operated simultaneously. He expects the roller-coaster effect to be prominent and a natural amphitheatre for spectators. In the twenty-first century, suburban development has overtaken the area. They said this afew yers ago too, then not long after they rebuilt the entire pit area, I'll beleive it when i see it, but it is on the cards and once people start moving into the new developments in the area it'll only be a matter of time. Owner of Oran wants to sell out and buy EC. This is in addition to the landscaped communal garden already being provided as part of the residential building. We are also arranging our usual community update meeting and we will attempt to do this online on Tuesday 26 May which will provide us with an opportunity to provide information on the current exhibitions. Dharawal country south west of Sydney that was taken and granted to Europeans who established country estates. It includes a fully enclosed play area for younger children and covered picnic area. Fittingly, Oran Park hosted the final Castrol 6-Hour in 1987, won by Yamaha duo Kevin Magee and Michael Dowson. To alleviate any concerns about access to public space, we have also offered to Council to provide an extra park. IM-32-FK Beneath the surface, however, the picture was not so rosy. 3) will be exhibited for public review and comment at the same time as the planning proposal. Oran Park Podium Stage 2 Update 13 May 2020 Back to Newsroom In October 2018 we lodged a proposal with Camden Council for the extension of Oran Park Podium (Stage 2). Introduce Yourself Here. Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a boat, and read all the latest news and reviews. Community Update Presentation dated 30 October 2018,, 2 residential buildings providing 146 residential units. 2008 was the final year of Oran Park in the V8 Supercar Championship Series. Oran Park’s history, with its legacy of the raceway and colonial house, is set to be integrated into all of these new developments as it enters a new phase of its future. Macarthur Chronicle. The amiable but media-shy 65-year-old said he wants the track at the new western Sydney venue to incorporate many of the characteristics of his existing circuit.